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Is all food certified organic? 

We do have chemical-free and certified produce and grains available. 

Why do you open late morning?

Weekday opening at 9AM will give farmers time to pick the produce and make delivery to Grown n’ Gathered. 

How do I sell to Grown N’ Gathered?

  • Contract Growing – Will be based on overall weight delivered per selling season and the wholesale price will be agreed upon prior to growing season.  Best for medium sized farms with consistent annual yields.

  • Planned Growing – Better options for growing farms not yet comfortable with their yields. 

  • Based on Availability – Based on bumper crop availability and market price negotiations.

  • Post Farmers Market – Post farmer’s market, a farmer may have extra crop available.  This will be purchased at a deeply discounted price compared to market. 

  • Excess– Unplanned excess due to several factors, Grown n’ Gathered will make unplanned purchases as demand allows. 

601 Maine Street Quincy, IL 62301   |   |   217-228-4075

[Photos provided by Sara Terwelp Photography]