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On Our Shelves

Grown N’ Gathered is locally grown, locally gathered produce, eggs and meat.  In the short Midwest growing season, we do have the climate to grow all that we have become commercially accustomed to eating.  We will supplement our local produce with organic dry bulk goods to give depth to the off-season menu. 

Free Range Turkeys 

Locally pasture raised on non-GMO, chemical free grain and grazing on non-certified organic oats & turnips, these turkey's will be the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving table! They spend their days outdoors, unlike most turkeys produced in a confined, windowless building from somewhere unknown.

  • Broad breasted white variety
  • Giblets are included
  • Birds are 12-14lb each

They will be delivered on ice and ready for pick-up Tuesday, Nov 25.  For moderate eaters and leftovers, per serving recommendation is at least 1 1/2lb turkey weight per person.  And really, who doesn't love leftovers! Call 217-228-4075 to reserve yours!

Grass Fed Options

Grown N’ Gathered will act as a matchmaker for grass fed beef, pork, chicken and various other meats.  All suppliers must show USDA inspection license.  Inquire about your options in store.


  • Local Smoothies
  • Juice Blends

The Gatherer's Basket

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[Photos provided by Sara Terwelp Photography]