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Our Story

Born in 2014, Grown N’ Gathered is a social movement towards healthier, sustainable, and local living. It is a privately owned, for profit store with a new take on community. A hybrid model of farmers market and grocery store meets family kitchen, Grown N’ Gathered is a specialty food store. We extend our dining table out to the community and region, inviting all things local to our menu.

A native to the region, Michele Wilkerson took a special interest in Downtown Quincy as she began to live and work there the year prior. Introducing a sustainable grocery and eating option to the region became her mission. She began with the local growers and gatherer’s to tap into what was already established. As the conversation’s progressed, it became clear, there needed to be a Lead Gatherer to organize all things locally grown and all things locally gathered in the heart of downtown Quincy.


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[Photos provided by Sara Terwelp Photography]